Fly above the valley and enjoy a splendid overview of the mountains
activity program
Have you always wanted to fly? Think no more and make your dream come true...
A moment of sheer bliss awaits...
Enjoy an amazing scenery in a comfortable seat, the pilot might even let you in charge for a bit..

Anyone can do it despite the little run necessary to take off .
A one of a kind experience in the heart of the mountains.
Mindblowing view and thrills guaranteed!

Several types of flight to chose from, timetable and location to be determined according to weight of participants. You will have to reach the meeting point by yourself.

Pick your week, and few days before your arrival, we'll pick the day and time together over the phone or by email according to weather conditions.

For any further information about paragliding, please contact us.
Technical information
Vol des Forts
1200 m altitude
20 minutes flight approx. Mornings only
Vol Plaisir
1200m altitude
approx. 20 minutes flight
Any time of day
Vol Prestige
1200m altitude
approx. 45mn flight
Late morning
Dress comfortably and warmly in the morning
Pictures: you can bring along your own camera, or you can get the pilot's own pictures later
More informations
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